Day 28: The last day in Poland

It was strange waking up on the 13th and knowing that it was our last day in Poland.  We had a free day, and it was hard to decide how to use it. 

First we decided as a group to visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum that had been closed when we tried to visit during the first time we were in the city.  

The Warsaw Uprising was an incredible battle that I believe should be taught in U.S. Schools during WWII lessons. While many people know that Poland was the first country that Hitler invaded, no one knows how strong with citizens of Warsaw were. After the city was taken over and the Jewish citizens were killed or placed in Ghettos, the people had enough and began a revolt.

They fought the Germans and took back a part of the city. They made and stole weapons, barricaded the streets, dug wells and started a new society inside of the city.  They even stole a German tank to protect themselves.  Despite constant German attacks, the Polish people stayed strong until the Germans leveled the city with bombs.

With 80% of the city flattened, it was impossible for the citizens to carry on, but their resilience and bravery against a world superpower was remarkable.  The museum was incredibly well done and was absolutely worthy of exploring on our final day. 

After the museum, we rode the bus back to our favorite Kebab shop by the Oki Doki hostel. On the way there though, I got in trouble with an undercover city worker for not having a stamped bus ticket. Although I showed many people in our group how to use the ticket stamp machines, it hadn’t worked on mine, and I was fined around $50.  Thankfully Dr. Moore payed it for me, but it was still an embarrassing and intimidating experience. 

The Kebab’s and beer settled me down though, and we set out for some last minute souvenirs shopping. After grabbing a few gifts we set out to a beautiful park back near the hostel.  

After the Park we went to a Hungarian restaurant for a few of the girls to eat.  Will, Dakotah and I just had beers and watched soccer so we could wait to eat Polish food for our final meal.  

The Polish restaurant/brewery we went to certainly wasn’t our favorite. The menu gave a few clues that it was a chain, not a local place, so that may have been why it wasn’t incredible.  We were still content though, and the beer was good, so we took the tram back to the hotel to pack our bags and prepare to leave early in the morning.  


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