Day 3: Touring Prague 

This morning I woke up in the hostel at around 8:00am unable to breathe through my nose thanks to allergies. After a shower, some meds, and a good breakfast with a few cups of coffee, I was breathing again and ready to go.  
The who group took the tram to the St. Charles Bridge. Although a bit of tourist trap with countless street vendors, the pedestrian bridge had live music and great views of the river, castle, statues, and the city. 

We then climbed the massive hill (taking a few breaks) and eventually reaching an absolutely gorgeous lookout and the Prague Castle.
The tickets for the castle gave us access to seven sections of it. The first place we went, and by far the most impressive, was the Cathedral. With high vaulted ceiling, stain glass on every wall, and full of intricate detailing, it was honestly breathtaking. Pictures just don’t do it justice.  

After exploring the rest of the castle for two hours, we made our way to Lennon Wall, which apparently John Lennon has never been too, but is in tribute to him. It started just a graffiti wall, but a random painting of John Lennon years ago inspired everyone to follow the trend.  

After the wall, the group split up for lunch, eating at different restaurants along the river. Ours was a true “hole in the wall”, as we walked down a gap between two buildings tight enough our shoulders scraped the wall. 

 The corridor opened to a tables with a beautiful view of the St. Charles Bridge, and friendly staff who spoke the best English I have heard from locals.  

The group then broke into even small sections, and four of us began exploring some side streets that weren’t designed for tourists. We viewed a few art galleries, and sat down for expresso’s and freshly made lemonade at a café where we didn’t hear a single person speak English.  

After sitting there for quite a while, we realized you have to actually ask for the check in order to pay, or they will never bring it to you. So we finally paid, and were on our way.  
We walked the streets some more, got a little lost, but eventually found our tram and returned to the hotel. I am writing this blog in bed at 8:00pm again, but we are rallying from a long day of walking and the whole group is headed to an Ice Bar soon. You’ll hear about that tomorrow (wifi permitting).  


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